Our process is the key for your project's success.

Innovation doesn't have to be a pain.

Innovation is uncertainty

Starting a tech project involves many unknown factors from integration to cost evaluations. It seems that there is no clear path to the summit.

Unknown technology

Understanding the exact requirements, defining an architectural scheme and selecting the technology needed is almost impossible at the beginning of a project. Which materials? Will an app be needed? Which microcontroller model? What battery life best suits the user?...

Unknown cost

Variable technological factors result in difficulty when assessing human effort as well as estimating an accurate quotation and schedule. How long does it take to do that? How many people have to be involved? Who will produce each component?...

Our solution: Evolutive prototyping


Predictable innovation.

By using Agile methodology to both hardware and software we obtain valuable feedback of the most uncertain aspects of the project from the get go.


Short iterations

Every project is divided into 2 week iterations. Overcoming the biggest milestones first is our priority, therefore minimizing risks and optimizing efforts.


Working prototypes.

It is vital to be able to validate at the end of each iteration. That is why it is important to deliver functional prototypes instead of separating working components.

Why evolutive prototyping?

Ability to predict the number of iterations needed.
Know the cost of each iteration from the very start.
Prototypes help you understand the unknown.
Allows testing on final users from the beginning